We are providing service for :

  • UTI, provided service supply new unit / second hand, Annual Maintenance, Repair and Service, spare part supply and calibration with the various brand. (Hermetic, MMC,Tanktech, Rongde,Marsen)

    Scope Service :

    1. Annual Maintenance:
      – Cleaning out and inner par
      – Check the part condition
      – Temperature calibration)
      – Sensor Checked
    2. Repair Maintenance & replacement
      – Providing service and repair for all spare parts: tape, board, sensor, wiper, body, etc.
  • Personal Gas Detector, Providing supply new unit/secondhand, annual maintenance, repair and service, spare part supply, and calibration with the various brand. (Riken Keiki, BW, Honeywell, MSA, RAE, TOKA SEIKI, Drager, Smart Detector, Crowcon)

    • Scope Service :
    1. Annual Calibration
      Provided for calibration time 6 months & 1 year.
    2. Repair Maintenance
      Providing for replacement spare part, sensor, pump, board, etc
    • Spare Part Supply
  • Span Gases, Providing span gas supply with Calgaz Brand, with various sizes and supporting assessoris.

  • Measurement Tools

    1. Measuring cup (Gelas Ukur)
    2. Hydrometer
    3. Dept Tape
    4. Bottom Sampler
    5. Sludge Stick
    6. Inside /Outside Thermometer

Gas Detector

Measurement Tools

Span Gas

Ullage Temperature Interface

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